Privacy Policy

Here we furnish all the important information regarding the privacy policy of our mobile applications and firstescapegames.com. So read carefully while accessing the apps and website. First and foremost, we welcome all the users who are on our website and apps to avail the services we offer. At the very outset, we want to make it clear to the users that we take special care to ensure the privacy of our visitors and therefore, we do not collect any personal information to protect the privacy of the users online as you don’t need to log in or register with us for using the apps and website.
When you do in-app purchases, you will be asked to provide your credit card details for the successful completion of the purchase.
For the purpose of sending push notifications, we will access your device ID for updating you of our new products.
We do not collect any personal information other than you openly share with Google Play as our apps and website don’t require any additional information.
Log Files: Firstescapegames.com uses the information stored in log files. It is to understand and analyze each visit made to our website. IP Addresses, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date and time of the visit and other demographic information are some of the details that we gather from log files for the purpose of understanding from where the visitors are coming and how often they are visiting the website. Such information doesn’t come under personally identifiable information.
Cookies and Web Beacons Firstescapegames.com uses cookies to gather information about the preferences of visitors and to collect information about the pages the visitors access when they are on our website. It is to understand the preferences and the likes of our users to provide them with more suitable content which will interest them.