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  • Frozen Lazy Anna Haircut
    Frozen Lazy Anna H


Anna is a gorgeous girl. She belongs to an aristocratic family. She always prefers sleeping. Yesterday one of her friends came to her home and invited her for a wedding. Anna also nodded strongly saying ‘’ do not worry my dear friend I’ll be there on time. Unfortunately the girl doesn’t live up to the promise she makes. Just now the girl received a call from her friend and her friend asked ‘’where are you now the ritual has started?’’.To which Anna answered ‘’ I am sleeping’’. The girl is still feeling drowsy. Do the hair-dressing and do the makeover. The girl might doze off while hair-dressing. Do not take that into consideration. You carry on with the work. Trim the hair elegantly and give a decent look to the girl. It is already late so get the girl ready for the party as fast as you can. After hair-dressing you are supposed to makeover on the girl. Embellish the girl with the pretty dresses and send the girl to the wedding.

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