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  • Emo Party Cake
    Emo Party Cake


Emo is a clever princess. She is the topper in the class. She wouldn’t hesitate to share what she knows of a subject. Every week end, most of the students will come to the palace in order to study. After that they would play in the campus and before they leave they will have a party. Some of them would stay in the palace itself. Here is an opportunity to make the princess elated. If you think that she deserves respect and love, celebrate her birthday in a grand manner which falls on day after tomorrow. The princess, Emo looks very happy; for, the birthday is approaching very close by. Every citizen has been invited for the celebration. As our birthday gift, we are going to present her a delicious cake. The cake will be full-fledged one, after your decoration. We need your help. Since you are very close with Emo, you might know the colour she is fond of. Why don’t you adorn the cake elegantly and leave the birthday baby breathless. We are thankful to you for decorating the cake in an attractive manner.

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